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Tennyson Remodeling can take your project from start to finish.  The remodeling process has become more complicated in recent years and you need to have a good plan set forth before construction begins. By explaining the process from start to finish, we will help eliminate some of the headaches that arise with an unplanned project.

For those of you who are confident that you want to do a home improvement project and you just need a little help and guidance, Tennyson Companies can help with that too.  Tennyson Companies enjoys educating others about the construction process. By taking on some of your own work, you can complete your own project and save money.


Tennyson Companies also offers consulting

For those of you who prefer to do most aspects of your project yourself, Tennyson Consulting can be hired before you begin your project to identify the areas you will need help with.  Sometimes having the process explained helps fill in the missing links that alow you to complete the project yourself and you’ll save a lot of money in the process.  Tennyson Companies can also help if you get stuck in the middle of a project. 

For those of you who prefer to have your whole project monitored by an independent observer, Tennyson Consulting can take care of that too by helping you plan a successful project, help with finding contractors and obtaining estimates.  An independent observer can monitor the process of the project and aid in mediating any disputes that may arise.  This is an on-site service.


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