Handy Man Services

Tennyson Handy Man Services can help you with the small jobs!

Most homeowners, as busy as they are, can see the value in hiring a good “handyman” to help out with chores and projects around the house. Unfortunately, most homeowners also realize that finding and hiring a good handyman can be a bit of a challenge. Because of the wide variety of services that handymen offer and the lack of a governing body and absence of local licensing requirements, finding a good handyman can even be more challenging than hiring a home improvement contractor. Nevertheless, since the advantages are obvious, let’s look at how to go about hiring Tennyson Companies as your handyman.

One of the first things you should do is to create a list of all the projects around the house you need help with. The point of this exercise is to help you determine what type of home improvement professionals you will need to help you out with all of your projects. When creating your list of projects, there’s always a chance that some of the items on your list will require the assistance of a licensed professional. Not to say that a handyman wouldn’t be able to help you out, but if you need a licensed profesional, Tennyson Companies can help in a variety of situations. Most homeowners realize the value of having a handyman to call whenever a project arises. Tennyson Companies offers many handyman services as listed below, please feel free to contact us for a price quote for your specific to-do list.

Appliances – install, removal, repair
(garage doors, water heaters, refrigerators, ceiling fans, attic vents, washer/dryer, etc)
Attic access doors – install, repair
Awnings & shade structures – build, repair
Bathroom remodels & repairs
Blinds, curtains, drapes – replace, install
Brick, stone, landscaping – repair, install
Cabinets, bookcases, other custom carpentry
Caulking & general weatherproofing
Ceiling & roof repairs
Cement, mortar, and patchwork
Christmas lights – setup & take-down
Closets – custom design, carpentry, install
Counter tops – repair, replace, install
Crown moldings – repair, replace, install
Decks, porches, patios – repair, replace, build
Decks, porches, patios – washing & staining
Doors, screens, windows – repair, replace, install
Driveways, walkways, cement – repair, install
Dryer vents, other ventilation – install, repair, replace
Drywall, tape & texture – install, repair, replace
Ductwork – repair, replace, install, rework
Fascia board & siding – repair, replace, install
Fences & gates – repair, replace, install
Filter replacements (heaters, water filters, etc)
Fixtures and appliances – repair, replace, install
Flashing, roofing, gutters – repair, replace, install
Flooring (laminate, vinyl, tile) – repair, replace, install
Flower-garden boxes – repair, replace, build
Framing and general carpentry
Furniture & products – assembly, repair, install
Furniture assembling, repairing, moving
Garage doors and openers – repair, replace, install
Garage, basement, attic – cleanup, organization
Garbage disposals and sinks – repair, replace, install
Gazebos, sheds, other yard items – repair, install, build
General carpentry and framing projects
Grout & tile – repair, replace, install
Gutters & downspouts – repair, replace, install
Handicap ramps, rails & ADA compliance projects
Home painting – interior & exterior
Insulation – install, repair
Kitchen repairs, remodels, renovations
Leak repairs – kitchen/bath plumbing, ceiling/roof
Locks & deadbolts – replace, install

Locksmithing – We change out locks on your door and do door adjusting for trouble doors that don’t close properly.
Mail boxes – repair, replace, install, build
Masonry work – inside and outside projects
Molding & trim – repair, replace, install
Painting touch-ups, rooms, or complete home
Paneling, siding, walls – repair, replacement, install
Pet doors – repair, replacement, install
Ponds & other water projects – repair, install, build
Porches, decks, patios – repair, replace, install, build
Pressure washing & cleaning
Roofing & shingle – repair, replace, install
Screens, doors, windows – repair, replace, install
Sheds & storage – repair, install, build
Shelving – repair, replace, install, build
Shutters – repair, replace, install, build
Sky lights – repair, replacement, install
Sliding doors, screen doors – repair, replace, install
Smoke detectors – test, replace, install
Speakers, TVs, computers – install, cabling, mounting
Sprinklers & irrigation – repair, replace, install
Stairs, steps, railings – repair, replace, install, build
Storm doors & windows – repair, replace, install
Sweeping, cleaning, & organizing
Swing sets & other yard items – repair, install, build
Tile & grout – repair, replace install
Toilet, shower, sink – repair, replace, install
TV & media – setup, mounting, install
Vents (heaters, dryers, more) – repair, replace, install
Walkways and driveways – staining, stamping
Washer & dryer – setup, repair, replace
Weather stripping and home weatherproofing
Windows, mirrors, glass – repair, replace, install
Yard work – general and specific-project